3K/4K Curriculum

Young children build or “construct” their knowledge of the world through actively participating in the learning process. They discover things through direct experience with people, objects, events and ideas. Our teachers interact with the children by thoughtfully providing materials, planning activities, and talking with children in ways that support and challenge what children are observing and thinking. This educational approach builds essential school-readiness skills. Our HighScope curriculum promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving. St. John provides the kinds of experiences that support and nurture all areas of learning and development in every child. This includes the following areas, which are widely accepted as the standard in the early childhood community: approaches to learning; language, literacy, and communication; social and emotional development; physical development, health and well-being; and arts and sciences.

Information used with permission from HighScope Educational Research Foundation.

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3K/4K Curriculum


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