Church Library
New Books

The complete Book of Hymns.
Sarai,  Wife of Abram
Bathsheba,  Wife of King David
Unveiling Islam
Women of the Bible
The Genesis Flood
2 complete set of People’s Bible
People Bible Teachings series
Bible Discovery series
New books from:  Karen Kingsbury,   Tracie Peterson, Wanda Brunstetter,  Beverly Lewis,
B.J. Hoff,  Dan Cramer, Irene Hannon  Terri Blackstock, and Jack Cavanaugh
New DVD’s
Veggie Tales
Love series from Janette Oke


PURPOSE-- To assist the Synod in carrying out the mission of teaching all Nations.  To expand the availabilty of Christian Literature and other resources for all ages, through the promotion of church libraries.

Our committee are members of teh WELS-CLO(Wisonsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod-Church Library Organization) There are two meetings a year.  We are updated on all new accepted and rejected books and resources for a Christian library.


Help our memebers grow in their knowledge of the Lord and nuture their faith and spiritual lives by providing guidance for the purchase of, maintainence, displays and loaning out of our library resources.  We also provide non-religious materials, which do not conflict with our beliefs and which benefit our members.

Any resources given to the library will be a long lasting donation or memorial. (This will have to conform to the WELS-CLO guidelines or approved by a pastor.) Any questionable material is read by our retired and present teachers and pastors for approval.  We have an approved list from WELS-CLO and Northwestern Publishing House.

We are open to any suggestions from our members OF ALL AGES as to what they would like to see in our church library.

St. John, library was started in 1985 when Pastor Essmann was here.  At that time there were 3 members on the committee.  They started on donations and memorials.  In 1989 the library became inactive until the year 2000.  Pastor Willsmann made a request in the bulletin for volunteers to get the library going again.  2 of us volunteered.
We visited several area church libraries and received valuable information from the
WELS-CLO, which we joined at that time.  We wrote a mission statement for the Church
Council, committing to help our members grow in their knowledge of our Lord, nurture their  faith and Spiritual lives  by providing  Christian books and materials from our library.
Most of our books and materials are purchased from NPH.  If we receive any donations that our questionable, they are read by our retired and present pastors and teachers for an okay to put in the library.
By the Grace of God, our library is able to support itself by memorials and donations from members of the congregation. We also have greeting cards and napkins that are for sale in the library for the convenience of our members.  We do not make a profit on them.
We now have 7 active members on our committee and close to 1000 books and other
Resources. in the library. 
St. John Library Committee
From the Bookshelf
Church librarian newsletter.

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