Our Philosophy and Mission

Our Philosophy: 
We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the sole authority on faith and conduct. We also believe that it does not contain any errors or contradictions, but is in all parts and words the infallible truth, even in those parts which refer to history, geography, sciences, or other secular matters. 
We further believe that man is by nature a lost and condemned creature. However, God in His love, has worked out man's salvation through the atoning death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. This salvation is laid hold of only through faith which the Holy Ghost works through the inerrant and absolute Word of God. As a result, all of the earthly activities in the life of the redeemed child of God should be motivated by faith in Christ and focused in Him. 

Therefore, we believe that because the whole body of knowledge(religious and secular)proceeds from and is centered in the creative work and continued activity of God, it should be taught to our children in the formal setting of a Lutheran elementary school.

1. A Lutheran elementary school can prepare children for this life and eternal life by meeting the three educational needs - spiritual, mental, and physical.

2.  The Lutheran elementary school is here to assist Christian parents in meeting their God-given duty to teach children the Word of God.

3. The Lutheran elementary school can devote a proper amount of time to the One Thing Needful.

4. In the Lutheran elementary school the Word of God sheds light on all knowledge.

5. The Lutheran elementary school makes God's love the basis and motivation in character training.

The Prime Objective for Our School:

Our Lord in heaven has charged us Christians with the wonderful opportunity to train our children in the way they should go, so that in later life they will not turn from it. The objectives listed in the outline below indicate the scope of the child's Christian training.

1. The prime objective of St. John Ev. Lutheran School is to present the Scripture in its truth and purity by:

A. Teaching the basic Christian doctrines contained in the Bible.

B. Teaching God's plan of salvation as found in the Bible.

C. Applying all scriptural truths to the lives of children.

D. Directing children's attention to the eternal home that will be shared with fellow Christians in heaven.

E. Serving as a mission agency for the unchurched.

F. Showing the need for regular church attendance.