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What We Believe  

A link to our WELS site which explains our beliefs.

Our Sermons On Video  

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                        Welcome to the St. John Lutheran Church Website

                                           OUR WORSHIP SERVICE TIMES
September 1st  --  May 31st                                                           June 1st  --  August 31st
Sunday 8am & 10:30am                                                                 Sunday  9am
Monday 7pm (No Monday Service during Lent)                             Monday 7pm

9:15am  to 10:15am

Sunday - 9:15  am   (Family)
Thursday evening 7pm   (Adult)
Tuesday Morning Women's - 9am   (2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month)

Our Mission
Our Mission as a Christian congregation and school is to share God’s Word with all people, reaching out to bring them into his kingdom, and to equip them as God’s children for lives of Christian thankfulness and service.

Do you have a club or committee you'd like to post on the website: Please let the webmaster know here.   We are always open to ideas and looking forward to advertising your committee.